As your gemstones are carefully curated in small batches,  please allow 72 hours to prepare your Collection for shipment. 

Fan Favourites

It Takes Two to Mango (Lassi)

From the Maharani Collection. A sweet mango filling based on the classic Indian drink.
Mango Lassi

Salted Caramelt My Heart

A visual redesign of the beloved Caramel Sea Salt bonbon. Smooth indulgent caramel, complimented by a touch of English sea salt flakes.
salted caramel

We (Raspberry) Jammin'

Based on the holiday favourite, from the Claus Collection. Sweet raspberry puree and a rich dark chocolate ganache 

Raspberry Dark Chocolate

You Mocha Me Crazy

Inspired by Café Latte from the Fall Favourites Collection. A bold roasted coffee bean infusion within a milk chocolate ganache, encased in a thin white chocolate shell.
Mocha Coffee

 The Classic 

This Collection is currently undergoing an aesthetic re-design. Check back soon to see how these beloved jewels have been re-invented. 

French Vanilla Cream

An elevated version of your classic milk chocolate.

Mother Earth Mint

Fresh mint infuses a creamy milk chocolate.


Toasted hazelnuts, finely ground into a smooth, creamy gianduja. 

Caramel Sea Salt

Classic sweetness of melt in your mouth caramel, kissed with English sea salt flakes. 

*Redesign found in the Fan Favourites Collection.