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Her Story

As much as I love dinner parties and hosting guests, I’ve never been much of a chef (my husband on the other hand is an amazing cook). The thought of dinner prep has always given me anxiety. What do I make? How many courses should I plan for? What is the theme? There’s a sense of pressure that admittedly is of my own doing, to make the evening absolutely perfect. So, why do I continue to do it? (pre-pandemic of course)

Despite the overwhelming feeling to perform, I love creating experiences. When friends and family come over, I want the evening to be a lasting memory. I plan every detail to align with a theme; from the ingredients in the tapas and main course to the dessert, the wine selection and even the music. If pasta is on the menu, I want you to feel the essence of Italy in every way.

My forté is hands down – DESSERT! It’s fitting, since dessert usually wraps up the evening. This means I put additional care into creating the perfect finishing touch on your experience.

Naturally, when I discovered the art of chocolate making I wanted to bring that same experience to you, my customer, my friend. When you order a Collection from Rhea Artisan Chocolate, you are receiving carefully curated edible jewels, handmade in small batches, using traditional tempering techniques. I quality control each batch to ensure what you receive is something that I would eat myself. Since I want the experience to be ever-evolving, each Collection is only available for a limited time. This means I’m always creating and you get a fresh take on my products!

If you’d like to learn more about me, my creations, and my business – Follow me on Facebook & Instagram @Rhea_Artisan_Chocolate.